Best Taxi Fare from Colombo Airport To Kandy and Airport Transfer from Kandy

18/07/2024 Kandy,temple,sightseeing,tour,dalada maligawa,tooth relic,taxi
Best Taxi Fare from Colombo Airport To Kandy

The Dalada Maligawa is located in Kandy. It is a sacred place in the Central Province. The tooth of the Lord Buddha is kept in the Dalada Maligawa. Visiting the Dalada Maligawa is important not only for Buddhists but also for tourists. 
The importance of the temple of the tooth relic in Kandy, Sri Lanka is based on the fact that it safe keeps a tooth of the Buddha , which is highly venerated by the Buddhists world over as it had experienced all of Buddha’s verbal energy vibrations created while expounding the Dhamma of Noble Truth to his followers during the whole lifetime after becoming enlightened. 

The Dalada Maligawa is a cultural heritage site. 

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