BIA Taxi Service Sri Lanka Airport Contax

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BIA Taxi Service Sri Lanka Airport Contax

BIA Taxi Service by at Bandaranaike International Airport, Sri Lanka:

Airport Location: Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA), also known as Colombo Airport, is the primary international gateway to Sri Lanka, situated in Katunayake, near Colombo.

Services by If "BIA Taxi Service Sri Lanka Airport Contax" is operated by, it's likely to be a private taxi service provider specializing in airport transfers.

Booking Options: Most airport taxi services, including those provided by, offer both pre-booking and on-the-spot taxi services. You can book a taxi in advance online or simply approach their service desk at the airport upon arrival.

Types of Vehicles: These services typically offer a variety of vehicle options, including standard sedans, minivans, and larger vehicles to accommodate different group sizes and luggage requirements.

Fare Structure: Taxi fares are usually determined based on factors like distance, vehicle type, and the time of day. Make sure to confirm the fare before starting your journey, and if possible, choose a metered taxi for transparency.

Licensed Operators: Reputable taxi services should have proper licenses and permits for operation. Look for official identification and licenses to ensure safety and reliability.

Communication: English is widely spoken in Sri Lanka, so you should be able to communicate with the taxi driver without significant language barriers.

Payment Options: Cash payment in the local currency (Sri Lankan Rupees - LKR) is the standard method of payment for taxi services in Sri Lanka. Make sure to have enough local currency on hand for your journey.

Travel Time: The travel time to your destination will depend on its location and traffic conditions. Be prepared for varying travel times, especially during peak traffic hours.

Reviews and Recommendations: Before using any specific taxi service, it's a good practice to check online reviews and seek recommendations from fellow travelers to ensure a positive experience.

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